Tomorrow x Together Visits Rolling Stone — And Fans Mob Our Office

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Earlier this month, Tomorrow x Together stopped by Rolling Stone to appear on our Twitch channel, as dozens of fans brought applause, screams, and tears outside our New York office.

The K-pop group appeared on a special morning edition of Twitch, bringing excitement to their fans, known as MOA. We caught up with them on the U.S. leg of their Act: Lovesick Tour, shortly after releasing the EP Minisode 2: Thyrsday’s Child.

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Hueningkai described the tour as “really awesome,” Taehyun commented that he “almost cried,” and group leader Soobin noted an exceptional trait of these American shows: “I was so moved by our fans singing along with us in Korean.”

Taehyun said that although they have a large and adoring fan base, they’re just getting started. “I want to think of this as the beginning of our journey, because we are looking forward to the days ahead of us.”

Check out the video of their interview up top.

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