Tommy Lee Shares New, Artistic Version of His Deleted NSFW Photo

Tommy Lee sent the Internet into a frenzy when he posted a full-frontal nude to social media on Thursday (Aug. 11), before eventually taking them down on Instagram and Facebook. However, the photo is still live on Twitter.

He decided to continue his NSFW posting streak on Friday (Aug. 12) by recreating his nude photo in a more artistic way. In the new version posted to Instagram, the Mötley Crüe drummer is seen doing the same pose — with everything on display — but this time, the photo is a brightly colored painting on an easel instead of the original selfie.

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See the post here.

One of the first people to comment was Lee’s wife, Brittany Furlan, who wrote, “HELP.” The 35-year-old media personality and comedian poked fun at her husband’s NSFW moment a day prior via her TikTok page. “Hope that answers all ur questions,” she jokingly captioned a video in which she recreated her reaction to the notification that Lee had posted something to Instagram.

“What the f—,” she lip-synced along to the TikTok sound, wide-eyed.

It is still unclear whether Lee himself removed the photo from Instagram and Facebook, or if the platforms deleted the post due to community guidelines.

On Instagram, Lee’s viral nude post was sandwiched between two suspected references. On Wednesday night, he posted a photo on Instagram of a banana placed on a figurine, and after the nude photo, he posted an image of an elephant standing alongside a nude man. “How do you breathe through that little thing??” text on the photo reads.

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