Tommy Lee has joined OnlyFans after accusing Instagram of 'policing' his body when his nude photos were removed

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee announced the launch of his OnlyFans account at a concert.Jeff Bottari/Getty Images
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  • Mötley Crue drummer Tommy Lee revealed at a concert that he would be joining OnlyFans.

  • His move came after Instagram took down a sexually explicit photo of Lee due to nudity guidelines.

  • Users can pay $39.95 for access to his exclusive images.

Tommy Lee, the drummer for Mötley Crue, has joined the subscription photo-sharing platform OnlyFans after he criticized Instagram for "policing" his body.

Lee's criticism came after he shared an explicit photo to Instagram in August, which was subsequently deleted due to the platform's content guidelines about nudity, according to Metro. Lee said that he shared the naked photo on Instagram after going on a "bender," Insider previously reported.

Footage of Lee, which NME reports was filmed at a Mötley Crue concert in Las Vegas on September 9, shows him referencing the incident and encouraging audience members to expose their genitals, before saying, "I showed you my shit. They took it down off the internet."

He continued, "What I've done is I have now gone over to a place where you can be free as fuck. And you can show anybody whatever the fuck you want, and they don't fucking take it down." Lee then exposed his behind where the words "OnlyFans" were written.

On September 10, Lee shared a photo of his butt to his 1.6 million Instagram followers, captioning it with a link to his OnlyFans page and writing, "Cum join me over there for fun that Instagram won't let us have here!"

In a video later posted to his Instagram story and to his Twitter account, Lee explained that he was moving to OnlyFans because he was "tired of Instagram policing our bodies.


Though Lee has not said that his OnlyFans content would be sexually explicit, the site is known for its sexual content.

Lee has posted nine photos on his OnlyFans since he created the page on September 7. In his first post, he wrote, "Welcome! Let the mayhem begin!!!"

A subscription to Lee's OnlyFans page costs $39.95 per month. His OnlyFans bio states, "Yeah THAT Tommy Lee... and yeah THAT DICK!!!! Cum watch me be free."

Lee's fans were surprised by the announcement, with one person writing underneath his Instagram post, "Tommy, this has to be a joke." The comment received over 1,000 likes.

Several other commenters were amused by Lee's announcement but said they would be subscribing to his OnlyFans.

Lee is well known for his music as well as for being the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson.

In 1995, a sex tape featuring the couple was stolen and sold to the tabloids, with the incident dramatized in the Disney+ series "Pam & Tommy." Lee was played by Marvel star Sebastian Stan while Anderson was portrayed by "Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again" star Lily James.

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