Tomi Lahren Predicts Democrats Will Replace Biden Before Election, Says Dems Are ‘Dropping Breadcrumbs’ | Video

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Fox New host Tomi Lahren predicted on Monday that the Democratic party will show Joe Biden the door before the 2024 election.

“Everyone seems to be worried except the Biden campaign,” Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany said on “Outnumbered,” quoting a story from NBC’s “Today” that mentioned the administration’s “self-assuredness” that is “not shared across the broader Democratic coalition.”

Lahren, who was part of the panel discussing the issue, said that Biden’s refusal to step aside over concerns of his age isn’t unique.

“A lot of older people don’t want to be told they can’t do the job anymore. I’m sure it’s insulting,” she said. “But when you’re the President of the United States, you have to put the United States first.”

Lahren said that the Democrats were just as concerned about Biden’s age in 2020, but they were able to “hide their concerns due to COVID.”

“Now they’re just dropping breadcrumbs about what they’re actually going to do. I’m certainly not convinced that Joe Biden’s going to be the nominee,” she predicted. “It’s just they have to breadcrumb it slowly but surely as we head into the spring and of course the summer for their actual plan.”

She predicted that “the forces that be” will soon tell him, “It’s time to go.”

The conversation came after Ezra Klein’s New York Times editorial, in which he argued that the party has “a better option” than the 81-year-old incumbent, as well as urgings from Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib to vote “uncommitted” instead of Biden in the March presidential primary.

Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, said in a video that she and her community feel “neglected and unseen” by the current administration, which has ignored calls for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Jon Favreau also got named-dropped into the situation: As a former speechwriter for the Obama administration, the “Iron Man” director stated in a Twitter thread on Saturday that he has some concerns about Biden’s age, but that the “huge risk to democracy” if Trump is reelected is far more weighty.

Watch the full “Outnumbered” segment from Fox News in the video above.

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