Tom Schwartz Shares an Update on His Triplet Brothers (PICS)

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We're here to wish Tom Schwartz's triplet brothers, Bert, Billy, and Brandon, a very Happy Birthday. The triplets, who have appeared on Vanderpump Rules in the past, are celebrating their special day. And you can bet their big brother is excited about it.

"HAPPY BDAY TO MY DEAR BROTHERS. The trips. The 3 Amigos. The boys," he wrote, alongside a set of family photos from over the years. "Love you all."

The throwback photos include the foursome as kids on bikes, the triplets as young teens hanging by the pool, and finally, the four brothers partying together.

In case you were wondering how old the triplets are, if we've done our math correctly, they are now 37.

When The Daily Dish spoke to Tom back in 2017, he spilled all about his brothers, which you can check out for yourself above.

Back in 2017, Tom didn't hold back about his brothers, who are among a handful of siblings, including their sister as well as two half sisters and a half brother.

"The ballad of Billy, Bert, and Brandon. They're the best. I love my brothers so much," he told us about William, Robert, and Brandon, at the time. "They're such sweet kids. They have such a great dynamic. It's a dynamic that only triplets can have. They have so much history and chemistry."

Tom Schwartz Answers Every Question You've Ever Had About His Triplet Brothers

He continued, "They're like the three stooges and I mean that in an endearing way, not in a judgmental way. I love hanging out with them. It's non-stop entertainment and they have huge hearts. They're such good kids. I like to bust their balls. I do give them a hard time, but ultimately I love them."

As for the fact that they are triplets, well, Tom noted, "They didn't fully utilize the fact that they were triplets because in the beginning, they did look identical," he recalled. "They weren't technically identical, but they looked identical for a long [time], but now their weights have fluctuated a little bit or they have different facial hair. They're really easy to distinguish now."

By the way, in a recent Instagram post, Billy reflected alongside a "throwback to filming on Vanderpump Rules[...] what a great time with my bro[thers]."

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