Tom Sandoval Reduced to Tears by Familiar Face on Special Forces

Tom Sandoval
Photo by: Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo via Getty Images
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Tom Sandoval was reduced to tears again on the most recent episode of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. At least this time, it wasn’t while he was on the toilet dropping a deuce.

As with most competition shows that are in a remote location, the Special Forces recruits -who are in the mountains of New Zealand – received video messages from loved ones to hype them up. Tom got a heartfelt message from someone close to him, and he got very emotional.

Sandy received a poignant message from his mom, Terri

As soon as it was Tom’s turn to view his message from home, the tears started rolling. His mom, Terri Green, had sent him some encouraging words.

As Terri’s soothing voice crackled through the screen, Sandoval’s emotional floodgates burst wide open. “Hi Tom! I miss you like crazy, but I’m so looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it. You take care of yourself and just do it, Tom. Alright, I love you. See you soon, not soon enough but soon.”

As Sandoval attempted to regain his composure, wiping away tears like a pro, you could almost hear the theme from Titanic playing in the background.

While watching Tom’s emotions take over from another room, Directing Staff agent Jovon Quarles commented on Tom’s evident struggle with “all the stuff he’s dealing with back home, the stress of that and this,” likely referring to the public scrutiny Tom faced from Scandoval on top of competing in the grueling Special Forces challenges.

Sandy wiped away his tears and headed back to the other recruits, who also noticed he was emotional. Fellow contestant, JoJo Siwa asked, “Was it encouraging?” to which Tom nodded his head affirmatively.

Could Tom really have been brought to tears just from the motherly love and affection, or did seeing her face remind him that he better win this competition so he can pay her back all of the retirement money he borrowed to open up Schwartz and Sandy’s? This is Sandoval we’re talking about. He cries often, and his motives are usually questionable!

You can watch Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.


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