Tom Sandoval’s Hypocrisy Is on Full Display in VPR Season 11

Tom Sandoval hypocrisy Pump Rules Season 11
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It isn’t a surprise that Vanderpump Rules Season 11 is leaving a pretty nasty taste in viewers’ mouths when it comes to Tom Sandoval. Now, I knew I was going to have to grin and bear it when it came time for him to share his side of the story, but I wasn’t exactly ready for his delusional recapping of Scandoval. Without a doubt, Tom has had a major fall from grace as he is no longer the number one guy in the group. And when it comes to Season 11, Sandoval’s hypocrisy is on full display.

Tom Is Stuck in the Past

Tom Sandoval at BravoCon 2023
Photo by: Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo

Listen, I love a good ride on the delulu train just as much as the next person, but Sandoval is taking his journey to a whole new level. A recent episode had him prattling on about how James Kennedy had scorned him … 10 years ago!

Sandoval invited James to his 40th birthday bash that ended at midnight. But instead of making up and apologizing for sleeping with his friend’s ex-fiancée, Tom doubled down in a surprising turn of events. Nothing makes Tom look more like a hypocrite than trying to deflect the blame onto something that occurred a decade before.

The TomTom partner brought up the fact that James and Kristen Doute had slept together and even used Sandy’s condoms. I mean, at least they wrapped it up. Tom declared he had no need to apologize because he was still hurt by James’ little tryst, telling Tom Schwartz, “No, listen to me for a second. James literally did the exact same thing to me, only way worse. And that’s my ex, that he’s f*cking her in my bed using my condoms.”

Tom, nothing is worse than screwing a girl in the same bed as your ten-year partner while she is mourning at a funeral. So, let’s just clear that up.

Sandoval Is Over Scandoval

Tom Sandoval
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Try to say that three times fast; it’s quite the tongue twister! It seems Tom’s hypocrisy can only burn brighter in Season 11. The singer is over taking accountability for cheating on Ariana Madix. Did he ever actually start doing so?

Tom’s post-affair spats with those around him, including Lisa Vanderpump, have Tom trying to paint himself as a victim. The matriarch of VPR thought it would be very gentlemanlike for Tom to move out of the Valley Village home in order to give Ariana some space. But Sandoval didn’t like that advice.

As the conversation continued, Tom started to raise his voice to his former boss, trying to get his point across. Lisa was only trying to urge him to find some remorse and stop being angry. But, Tom refused, noting he wasn’t happy she was “attacking” him.

Isn’t it ironic that Tom is exhausted by the own mess he created? It feels as if he had given the affair an expiration date of one month, not realizing how many people he had hurt in the process. I think Tom is starting to get the message that no amount of crocodile tears is going to stop anyone from confronting him, even when out to dinner at SUR, about how much of a screw-up he is.

Tom Squared Conversation

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz at BravoCon 2023
Photo by: David Becker/Bravo

A sitdown conversation between the Toms early on in Season 11 was so f*cking rehearsed that it was embarrassing. Sandy sat across from Schwartz, explaining just how upset he was that his friend had decided to vent his frustrations on a podcast. He acted as if he had been stabbed in the back. But, Schwartz had every right to express his resentment about a supposed friend who had used him as a pawn for months.

The conversation gave me flashbacks to a Season 10 conversation in which Sandy started to be deceitful, purposely and deliberately trying to create a storyline that would embarrass and shame the women they have spent a decade of their lives with.

Both conversations seemed sketchy as hell, with Sandoval trying to come out on top. It’s like he wants to convince everyone he had nothing to do with the implosion of his friend group. So this recent conversation with Schwartz sealed the deal for me. I wouldn’t put anything past Sandoval when it comes to manipulation.

Vanderpump Rules continues on Bravo, and is available to stream on Peacock.


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