Tom Sandoval Is Drinking Again After Eight Months of Sobriety

Tom Sandoval
Photo Credit: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo
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2023 was a big year for reality stars and sobriety, and Tom Sandoval was another head in the crowd. The choice to stop drinking can be a big one. It can be for health reasons, or for something more personal.

For the Vanderpump Rules leading man, sobriety seemed like a wise choice given everything that had happened in 2023. If Tom needed to develop anything last year (and even now), it was better decision-making skills.

Now, however, despite Tom’s journey without alcohol, it would seem he’s getting off the horse. Based on how he explained it, he has not fallen off, just chose to get off for himself. See how Tom described it for himself.

Tom Sandoval is back to drinking, but why?

Of his sobriety, Tom told E! News at the VPR Season 11 premiere, “I took about eight-and-a-half months off.” As for why he decided that was enough, he explained, “I decided I’ve gotten through all the things I wanted to get through – going to a music festival, doing BravoCon, filming an entire season of Vanderpump Rules, doing my interviews.”

Tom further told the outlet that he was “in a good place.” Even though he decided to start drinking again, he felt that wouldn’t affect his mental state as he was “moving forward and staying busy” with his career. He added, “Going through all of this has got me to understand what is actually important – what should I spend my time and energy and my passion on.”

Sobriety is an extremely personal and serious matter. It might seem easy to judge Tom for letting go of sobriety, but we don’t know what his relationship with alcohol is like. He might truly have it under control. Hopefully, those closest to him are looking out for him. And if he ever needs to get back on the horse, here’s hoping he can admit that and do so gracefully.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premiere hits Bravo on Tuesday, January 30 at 8/7c.


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