Tom Holland Has a Great Rebuttal for a Mean Tweet on Kimmel (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel brought back his always amusing “Mean Tweets” gag on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” featuring several famous people who are themselves always amusing, with some great reactions to the mean tweets. But the best came from “Spider-Man: No Way Home” star Tom Holland, and it wasn’t even close — he reminded the mean tweeter what his job is.

So, for those just catching up, “Mean Tweets” is a gag where Kimmel invites celebrities on to read, and react to, real-life mean things people said about them on Twitter. It’s usually funny not only because the celeb in question is surprised by what they read, but because they often have something fun to say in response.

In addition to Holland, this edition featured Ted Danson, Timothee Chalamet, Allison Janney, Richard Jenkins, Tracy Morgan, Anne Hathaway, Danny McBride, Tom Hanks, Hannah Waddingham, Dakota Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Cena, Patton Oswalt, Regina King and Henry Winkler.

You can watch the whole thing above, but if you can’t watch and want to know what was said, read on.

Ted Danson

Mean tweet: “I hate Ted Danson. He’s got a face I’d like to take a s— on.”

Response: Danson just looked exasperated and disappointed.

Timothee Chalamet

Mean tweet: When Timothee Chalamet f—s a peach, it’s ‘art,’ but when I do it, I’m ‘no longer welcome at my uncle’s farm.”

Response: Chalamet just smiled to acknowledge the joke. And on the real, it wasn’t that mean of a tweet.

Allison Janney

Mean tweet: “Allison Janney looks like a substitute teacher everyone hates.”

Response: “Well, f— you.”

Richard Jenkins

Mean tweet: “This dude Richard Jenkins needa bring his ass.”

Response: “Where do I ‘needa’ bring it?”

Tracy Morgan

Mean tweet: “Tracy Morgan is your ugly ass uncle that smells like Hennessey and ain’t funny.”

Response: “Suck my d—“

Anne Hathaway

Mean tweet: “I bet Anne Hathaway has a weird vagina.”

Response: “Well, you’ll never know”

Danny McBride

Mean tweet: “Danny McBride looks like what I expected Chunk from ‘The Goonies’ to grow up to look like.”

Response: McBride just looked angrily at the camera

Tom Hanks

Mean tweet: “Tom Hanks is so sweaty in TopGun, get a shower you sweaty little dwarf.”

Response: “That, I take personally”

Hannah Waddingham

Mean tweet: “This is no hate to Hannah Waddingham because I’m sure she’s lovely, but she LOOKS insufferable.”

Response: Sings “f— youuuuuuu. How about that?”

Tom Holland

Mean Tweet: “Well, Tom Holland is an absolute wanker.”

Response: “And he’s also Spider-Man.” See? This is a good rebuttal.

Dakota Johnson

Mean tweet: “Dakota Johnson has some serious d— nose happening.”

Response: After laughing for a few seconds, “cool.”

Kevin Hart

Mean tweet: “Shaq’s penis is Kevin Hart.”

Response: “And he’s got a talented one.”

John Cena

Mean tweet: “F— off, John Cena, you talentless ball sack.”

Response: “I take offense to this. Only because a ball sack holds a ton of talent. It has half of the DNA to create human life, that’s a pretty fascinating thing.”

Patton Oswalt

Mean tweet: “Patton Oswalt is what happens when you bury Rosie O’Donnell in the pet semetary.”

Response: “I have a movie pitch”

Regina King

Mean tweet: “Regina King is too muscular. She liable to pull a d— out.”

Response: King flexed her muscle, which are very impressive (and definitely not “too”).

Henry Winkler

Mean tweet: “Henry Winkler is gonna catch these hands. Shark jumping ass b—- f— you Fonzie.”

Response: “Really? F— you.”