Tom Ford Gave His Actors Haircuts on the Set of 'Nocturnal Animals'

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Asked what makes a Tom Ford set different from any other Hollywood director’s, one thing immediately came to Amy Adams’s mind: the haircuts the iconic fashion designer-turned-filmmaker gave his actors on his sophomore feature, Nocturnal Animals.

“Michael [Shannon] and Aaron [Taylor-Johnson] have talked about the fact that Tom actually cut their hair,” Adams told Yahoo Movies (watch above) at the film’s Los Angeles press day.

Shannon was not present at the junket, but Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron) confirmed as much. “He asked me to grow my hair out, and my beard,” the actor said. “And then he decided to give me mutton chops. He trimmed me up, and cleaned me up here and there.

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Jake Gyllenhaal did not get the opportunity to sit in the barber chair for Ford, who made his directorial debut with 2009’s A Single Man. But Gyllenhaal and his costars marveled at Ford’s attention to detail on the film.

“He is very specific, and he’s very hands-on,” Gyllenhaal said. “You can easily and certainly say that there’s probably not many directors out there who have the same sort of eye for aesthetic, and fashion, and detail,” Armie Hammer explained.

“I found it very helpful that when I walked into Susan’s environment, it informed me so much about the character,” said Adams of her character, an art curator haunted by the arrival of the novel penned by her ex (Gyllenhaal) — a novel that also gives name to the film. “Everything from her clothing choices, her makeup choices, everything that Tom provided for me allowed me to understand the character so much more clearly.”

Nocturnal Animals is now playing in select cities and opens nationwide Friday.