Nikki Glaser says Tom Brady 'didn't consider the backlash from his family' when agreeing to the roast

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Tom Brady has some regrets about his recent Netflix roast.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion says "The Roast of Tom Brady" left a bad taste in his mouth because of the impact it had on his kids.

“I loved when the jokes were about me,” Brady said May 14 while appearing on “The Pivot” podcast with Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder.

“I thought they were so fun. I didn’t like the way it affected my kids. So, it’s the hardest part about, like the bittersweet aspect of when you do something that you think is one way and then all of a sudden you realize ‘I wouldn’t do that again’ because of the way that it affected, actually, the people I care about the most in the world.

Netflix Is A Joke Festival: G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time - Tom Brady (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images)
Netflix Is A Joke Festival: G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time - Tom Brady (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images)

“It makes you, in some ways, a better parent going through it ‘cause again sometimes you are naïve. You don’t know, or you get a little like, ‘Oh s---.’”

The three-time NFL MVP, 46, is father to Jack, 16, with Bridget Moynahan. He and ex-wife Gisele Bündchen are also parents of Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11. He says he appreciated being the butt of jokes, although he said he learned that pitfalls that come along with it.

“I love when people were making fun of me,” he said while noting he watched comedy shows when he was going through the Deflategate scandal in 2015 and 2016.

“ ... I just want to laugh, so I wanted to do the roast. ... You just don’t see the full picture all the time. So I think it’s a good lesson for me as a parent. I’m going to be a better parent as I go forward because of it. And at the same time, I’m happy everyone who was there had a lot of fun.

Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen  (Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / Sipa USA via AP)
Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen (Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / Sipa USA via AP)

“And I do think for me, just outside of that, it always is good if we’re not laughing about things, we’re crying. And I think we should have more fun. We loved laughing in the locker room. Let’s do more of that and love each other and celebrate other people’s success. That, to me, gives everyone a lot of hope.”

Nikki Glaser, one of the comedians on the roast, said she believes Brady probably does regret the roast now, but questions how he didn't think of what could happen.

“I feel like maybe he didn’t consider the backlash from his family and how it would affect them and I do understand that,” she said May 15 on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

“But I also think Tom Brady does not do anything without doing his research and knowing exactly what he’s getting into," she explained. "So I think it’s kind of a thing you say after the fact, but it’s impossible to me that he didn’t consider what could have happened because there’s roast footage out there that you can watch where they're going to go this hard. But there’s a part of me that thinks that Tom Brady, especially given his career and how much people love him, no one’s ever said that to him in the past 30 years.”

Glaser also said she could tell during the show that Brady was surprised at how ferocious the humor was.

“I got a sense that maybe it was a little more than he had planned for,” she said.

“He hadn’t planned how to react because you kind of got to practice, like, ‘What am I going to do?’ And I think by midway through he had decided on kind of the laughter he was going to do. But I think at first it kind of jarred him because I really don’t think he thought they were going to go there,” she added.

The roast was heavy on jokes about Brady’s split from Bündchen and was so relentless that fellow superstar athlete David Beckham had to text Brady to make sure he was OK. Glaser has since said the performers made a point to leave out his children.

“We all collectively just decided not to involve his kids too much in anything because they didn’t ask for that, so any kind of reference to anything with that we left off the table,” she told Howard Stern.

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