Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Teases New Single ‘Free Free Free’ Feat. Lilas Ikuta

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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra announced a new single featuring Lilas Ikuta, a.k.a. YOASOBI’s vocalist ikura, called “Free Free Free” along with a teaser video of the new track.

The upcoming single due July 27 is composed by the veteran band’s trumpet player NARGO, with lyrics by baritone sax player Atsushi Yanaka, who notes, “Lilas Ikuta’s vocals, which could be called the voice of the times, gave us a lot of genuine musical inspiration.”

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Twenty-one-year-old Ikuta shared her impression of the track: “I remember when I first heard ‘Free Free Free,’ my heart and body felt numb from the sound that was dynamic like a big fireworks display while also having a welcoming feel that went straight to my heart,” she recalls. “I sang my heart out to the brilliant and mature groove that the members of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra produced.”

“Free Free Free feat. Lilas Ikuta” will be released July 27.

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