Toddler in BBL recovery Halloween costume sparks Twitter debate

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Halloween weekend has pretty much arrived and we can always count on the festive holiday to give us plenty to talk about when it comes to costumes. Yesterday (Oct. 26), a video began circulating on social media showing a toddler dressed as a woman recovering from a BBL surgery. Some found the mockery of today’s society hilarious; others found it horrendous.

“I’m sorry… is the baby’s ‘costume’ supposed to be a BBL patient? Tell me that’s not what I’m seeing right now,” a surprised user tweeted. Another person wrote, “I just [saw] a baby in a BBL costume? Can we let these kids get back to their youth please?” Many users questioned why the unidentified child was seen walking with a fake IV attached to her arm, pretending to be a post-op patient instead of something more age-appropriate. “This girl probably wanted to be a princess [and] you got her walking around with fake butt pads [and] an IV,” a tweet said.

Another person reflected on how confused the little girl must have been to be receiving so much attention as she walked by. “[They] put that baby in a BBL costume and [she’s] just looking around tryna figure out why everybody [is] looking and recording her. Y’all are f**king terrible, man,” a concerned person posted. However, not everyone was upset with her parent’s costume choice — some even pointed out the second toddler in the video who seemed to be part of her ensemble. “The baby [with] the BBL costume, Lmao why somebody said, ‘Did y’all peep the sugar daddy?’ (the other baby) Lmao omg, too funny,” another wrote.

The BBL baby isn’t the only toddler who’s had social media up in arms. Recently, photos surfaced online of a little white boy dressed as convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. “It’s all awful, but something about dressing [your] toddler/small child as Jeffrey Dahmer is particularly sick to me. It’s like you knew an adult wouldn’t get away with it, so now a whole a** baby who can’t possibly comprehend the situation is having their pictures put on blast?” one person wrote. Another user tweeted, “Wow! I see that you dressed your toddler as Dahmer, the serial killer who targeted POC and gay men.”

Just last week, Arizona GOP candidate Mary Ann Mendoza was accused of dressing up in Blackface as Aunt Jemima and Redface as a Native American. Although she has yet to confirm or deny if she is indeed the person in the photos, it should go without saying that racist and stereotypical costumes are never a good idea.

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