Todd and Julie Chrisley Being ‘Taunted’ by Fellow Inmates

Todd and Julie Chrisley
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So the Chrisley Knows Best prison drama continues. Since Todd and Julie Chrisley have been behind bars for tax fraud and evasion, they haven’t stopped complaining about the many issues behind bars.

Some issues included a lack of air-conditioning, black mold, asbestos, and even “snakes on the floor.” For these reasons and more, Todd, Julie, and their children have looked for ways to “jailbreak” their parents and get them home.

They already managed to get the sentence down from 12 to 10 years, which people already find unfair. Now they are going full force and trying to just get them home.

Appeal after appeal

Since her parents have been in prison, Savannah Chrisley, 26, has been nonstop in her criticism of their treatment. She’s been on her podcast repeatedly talking about the conditions in their two institutions.

Uhm, who wants to tell Savannah that a prison stay isn’t like staying at a hotel? I guess no one because she’s continuing the fight.

Recently, Savannah posted on her Instagram that she was so thankful the court of appeals had granted their oral arguments and is giving her the chance to share why her mom and dad should be home.

While that’s all well and good, many people – both inside and outside prison – continue to get annoyed about the special treatment the Chrisleys think they deserve.

A lot of retaliation

Savannah said that her outspokenness has made things harder for folks in prison. “There’s been a lot of retaliation,” she shared. “So we have to worry.”

For their part, Todd and Julie aren’t making it any easier on themselves as they continue to complain endlessly about their situation. According to In Touch, their attitudes have not gone over well with staff and inmates alike.

According to a statement from an inside source, “Todd and Jule are seen as smarmy know-it-alls by the inmates, and there has been a lot of taunting both behind their back and to their faces. “

What did they honestly expect would happen after complaining nonstop? And gee, taunting… how will they ever survive?


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