Today, We Honor Panem's District Heroes


Fibre Bissette, District 3

Brothers and sisters of the Technology District, the Capitol Ministry of Information salutes your benevolent efforts to contribute to the technological world of our great nation. The highly intelligent minds of District 3 are behind some of Panem’s most advanced achievements, and for that, we thank you.

We in the Capitol strive to create a secure, harmonious environment, and your infinite contributions enable us to make that goal a reality. Never forget how your superior deeds keep our wonderful country grounded. Never forget how your programming provides a link to Panem’s history. Never forget the significance your work has engineered.

Allow this exemplary display of District heroism to boost your faith and trust in a system that wholly appreciates you; as the lovely Fibre Bissette can attest, the codes you write, the wires you unravel and the gadgets you invent all contribute to the well-being of your District, and in turn, the greater good of Panem.

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