Are ‘Today’ Host Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak Still Together? Details on Marriage, Family

Today host Craig Melvin found love in the workplace with fellow reporter Lindsay Czarniak. The pair got married in 2011 and have both taken major leaps in their careers since then. Scroll for details on whether the newscasters are still married. 

When Did Craig Melvin Meet Lindsay Czarniak?

Craig and Lindsay’s romance began in 2008 while they were both working at WRC in Washington, D.C. The sportscaster had just gotten back from covering the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing when she was introduced to her then-colleague.  

“That night when we met, there was something that clicked. And it wasn’t necessarily that I knew, ‘I have to be with this guy.’ But it was like, ‘I don’t want to be with anyone else that I’d hung out with,’” Lindsay revealed in an October 2011 interview with The Washington Post. “It felt like being with the person that really gets you and that you’ve known for a really, really long time.”

Who Is Craig Melvin Married To? Lindsay Czarniak Details  
Who Is Craig Melvin Married To? Lindsay Czarniak Details

After getting engaged in 2011, the reporters got married that same year in the city where they first met. Later that summer, Craig left WRC to join the news team at NBC. The South Carolina native became an official host on Today in 2018. Lindsay left her job as a SportsCenter anchor on ESPN in 2017 and later joined the team at Fox Sports in 2019. 

Are Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak Still Together? 

Craig and Lindsay are in it for the long haul! The lovebirds are still together and post photos with one another on social media pretty often. In December 2022, Lindsay posted a sweet shout-out to her hubby during the holiday season.

“So grateful for a super sport and partner in crime who deals with A LOT to make this season so magical,” she captioned an Instagram photo with Craig. 

Before ringing in the new year, the couple traveled to Washington, D.C., together to visit the White House. They also ventured to Pittsburgh to visit Lindsay’s family and attend a Steelers game. In January 2023, the news personality shared a cute photo from a date night at home where she and Craig lounged on the couch and ate ice cream. “[Hanging] with my boyfriend on a Friday night. Melvin’s not so bad either,” she playfully captioned the post. 

Do Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak Have Any Children? 

Craig and Lindsay became parents in March 2014 when their son, Delano, was born. They welcomed their daughter, Sybil, in November 2016. While his duties at NBC have only grown over the years, Craig makes sure he is always there for his kids whenever they need him. 

​​​​“I try to be there for all of them because my dad was rarely there, and I also know that’s when most of the memories are made,” the journalist told KCRW in June 2021. “It’s not at the big events and sent on those big family vacations. It’s in those small quiet moments where you’re on your way to soccer practice or you’re coming back from karate, and you have that funny conversation.”