Today’s Hoda Kotb ‘Likes Having a Partner for Dinner Dates’ Amid Her Blossoming Dating Life

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Hoda Kotb watched as her youngest daughter, Hope, tackled an obstacle course with gusto at a recent birthday party. “Hope grabs on, pulls herself up, is standing up — she’s scared to be high up — I watch her fling her body into that big whole vat of those squishy things and I started weeping,” recalls the Today coanchor, recounting her daughter’s bravery and determination.

Hoda’s young daughters aren’t the only ones eager to take a leap of faith. The TV journalist, 59, confesses that she’s ready to start dating again. “I’ve only gone on two dates,” she told her coanchor, Jenna Bush Hager, of the past two years. “Well, I think it’s time for us to change that,” responded Jenna.

In 2019, Hoda’s partner Joel Schiffman, who was helping her raise adopted daughters Haley, 7, and Hope, 4, proposed marriage, but the couple ended their romantic relationship in 2022 after eight years together. “They say sometimes relationships are meant to be there for a reason, or a season, or for a lifetime,” Hoda said. “I feel like ours was meant to be there for a season.”

Spring Blossoms

These past few years as a single mom have been sweet. “She’s happy in a relationship or being single,” a friend says. “She likes having a partner for dinner dates, but coming home and not having to answer to anyone has its advantages.” When Hope suffered a health crisis in 2023 leading to a hospital stay, Hoda was able to give her daughter 100 percent of her attention. “I am so happy and fulfilled,” she says of becoming a mom to her girls.

With her children thriving and her career on point, Hoda is ready to think about finding love again. “My sister said to me once, ‘Are you afraid of being by yourself?’ And I know this is so weird, but I said to her, ‘I am not going to be by myself,’” says Hoda. “I can sometimes feel him, but I don’t see what he looks like, but I feel like it will happen.”