Toby wants to be adopted by a family that will love him and be devoted to him

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If you’ve got a fishing pole and some bait, October, or Toby, would love to go fishing with you. Toby, 17, is a sweet boy who loves to be outside.

Toby also likes to play basketball, golf and go bowling. If he’s inside, he plays on his Xbox 360. Toby likes to listen to music, too.

Toby has a strong desire to be adopted by a family that would love him and be devoted to him. “I want a family that is nice,” he said. “I want a kid there that could be my friend. I want to be adopted and he could be my adopted brother.”

Toby would like to join a family that would help him maintain a connection with his biological brother. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming an adoptive parent, please visit the Adopt Kansas Kids website at, email or call 855-AdoptKS (855-236-7857). Toby’s case number is CH-5979.