Tobias Harris hilariously responds to Kevin Durant to Sixers rumors

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Harris hilariously responds to Durant-to-Sixers buzz originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Where will Kevin Durant play basketball next season? I have no idea. You have no idea. Heck, Kevin Durant might have no idea.

But it might be Philadelphia!

That is, if you believe the buzz that emerged Wednesday from SNY reporter Ian Begley, who reported that members of the Sixers' front office feel "strongly" about pursuing a Durant trade - and that Durant sees Philly as a "favorable" landing spot.

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Durant on a team with Joel Embiid and James Harden would be bonkers, just absolute basketball nirvana. But it would also take a pretty penny to get the deal done with the Brooklyn Nets.

And one player who would absolutely be involved in the trade to make the money work is veteran Tobias Harris.

So when an NBA fan wandered over to the Sixers' official Instagram account and commented on photos of Harris' recent wedding (which looked amazing) with the response, "The KD trade package", Harris took notice:

Lol, Tobi.

I'm a little surprised that, in the immediate aftermath of getting married to his best friend and long-time partner, Harris is checking the comments on an Instagram post and responding to trade proposals.

Then again, it's about his future as a human being and where he'll be spending his time over the next few years so it's probably worth paying attention to - at least a little.

And this is the perfect response! If Durant really is available to the Sixers, Harris knows what's up. It's Kevin Durant. He's 1-of-1. So you laugh, and then you do the "Oh wait..." shocked face, and then you keep it pushing.

Because at the end of the day, this whole thing is out of Harris's control. So why get super worked up over it?

Enjoy married life, Tobi. We'll see you (maybe) next month for training camp.