TNA Rebellion: Josh Alexander vs. Hammerstone Result

Josh Alexander Hammerstone TNA Rebellion
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Josh Alexander got revenge, and his property back.

Alexander won a vicious and bloody battle against Hammerstone at TNA Rebellion. This was a Last Man Standing match, which saw Alexander bleeding from his ear. Alexander finally earned the win after he hit Hammer with a half-and-half suplex and a C4 Spike on the stage,

TNA Rebellion Results

Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

Last Man Standing: Hammerstone vs. Josh Alexander

Alexander goes for a C4 early, but Hammer counters and stops the offense momentarily. Josh comes back with some kicks, but Hammer hits a suplex and runs right back as his opponent. Alexander goes for a suplex, then he floats over the ropes and slams Hammer off of the ring apron. Alexander heads up top, but Hammer press slams him onto the ring apron.

Hammer slams Alexander off of the ring barricade, then hits a stalling suplex on the floor. Hammer slams Alexander’s head on the apron, but Alexander takes Hammer out with a half-and-half suplex into the apron. Hammer struggles to his feet at 8, and Alexander drives his elbow into Hammer’s leg. He wraps Hammer’s leg around the ring post and slams it a few times, then drops down into a Figure Four around the post.

Hammer gets back on offense and repeatedly pummels Alexander with forearms in the back of the head. Alexander is bleeding from the ear as he forces himself to his feet at 9. Hammer knees him a few times and hits a fallaway slam, and the ref starts his count again. Hammer breaks the count and repeatedly clubs Alexander’s chest on the ring apron. Hammer pushes Alexander’s head against the ring post, then he charges and connects with a pump kick into the post.

Alexander somehow makes it to his feet at 8, but Hammer puts him in the Torture Rack. Hammer finally throws him on the mat and the ref counts again, with Alexander falling down at 6. Alexander gets back up at 8, but Hammer decks him with a pump kick. Hammer hesitates after Alexander starts laughing, then Alexander hooks him in an Ankle Lock before he repeatedly stomps Hammer’s knee. Alexander hoists Hammer on the turnbuckles and puts him in the Tree of Woe position, then charges from the opposite corner and hits a crossbody. Alexander goes for a C4 but Hammer blocks it, so Alexander steps back and crushes Hammer’s head with a kick.

Alexander gets a bag from under the ring, pouring thumbtacks in the corner in front of Hammer. Alexander props Hammer on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him, setting up for a suplex. Hammer blocks it and they trade punches, with Alexander nearly losing his balance. Hammer headbutts Alexander’s bad ear, then hits a Nightmare Pendulum from the turnbuckles into the tacks. Alexander finally makes it to his feet at nine by rolling to the floor. Hammer gets pissed and pulls Alexander to the ramp and sets up a Nightmare Pendulum. Hammer drops him and goes to get the headgear, then punches Alexander in the face with it.

Hammer wraps it around his arm and goes for another Nightmare Pendulum, but Alexander blocks and hits another half-and-half on the ramp. Alexander hits a C4 Spike on the stage, and Hammer can’t answer the count.

Winner – Josh Alexander

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