TL Hopper’s First-Ever Action Figure To Include A Clogged Toilet

TL Hopper WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

If you grew up with the new generation of WWE Superstars and often wished that Hasbro had released a TL Hopper action figure, Hasttel Toy has you covered.

Hasttel Toy recently announced on Instagram that Tony Anthony, better known as his 90s WWE gimmick TL Hopper, is getting his first-ever action figure in their Grapplers and Gimmicks line. Their post read as follows:

“REVEAL! The figure you never knew you needed… Until NOW! @grapplersandgimmicks,” Hasttel Toy said in a post.

The original post featured Hopper standing by a toilet with a plunger in hand. Despite this, it was made clear that the toilet wasn’t included. This didn’t sit well with collectors who felt the toilet was crucial to the TL Hopper character.

Less than a day later, Hasttel Toy responded to the demand and revealed that not only would the toilet be included, but it would also be clogged. You can check out the image of the TL Hopper figure and his toilet in the embedded tweet below:

If you can’t get enough TL Hopper, you can check out Matt Cardona, Brian Myers, and Smart Mark Sterling, discussing his new figure (and in his toilet) in the video below.

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What do you make of TL Hopper finally getting his own action figure? Is this something you’ll be purchasing soon when available? Let us know your overall thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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