Tipsy customer accidentally orders a Papa John's pizza with no toppings: 'This is weird'

In America, the customer is used to having it their way. That means we all have to live with our choices. The Redditor @Crunch1eTwix gave a shoutout to Papa John's for being a real one. When the user placed an unusual order while tipsy in the middle of the night, the company delivered exactly what they asked for. "Shoutout to Papa John's for honouring my post-pub late night order of accidentally removing every item on a BBQ meat feast, thinking I was adding them," the user wrote. In the first photo, there was a pizza pie with no toppings or cheese on it. The pie was covered in only a layer of a very dark sauce. There were also three small garlic dip containers in the box. In the second photo, he showed a screenshot of his receipt. The order indicated to remove bacon, ham, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, pork sausage, spicy beef, and special garlic dip from the BBQ Meat Feast. Other users found the situation to be pretty relatable. "I did this accidentally once, thought I'd added extra cheese but no I'd removed it," a user said

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