Tinx Shares How She's Using Her Platform to Empower Young Fans

Tinx has discovered the superpower to feeling strong and confident.

The TikTok influencer otherwise known as Christina Najjar, appeared at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Nov. 1 and shared how important it is for her to express vulnerability to her followers.

"I think being vulnerable is such a superpower and is such a way of showing your strength," she exclusively told E! News. "I try to lead by example and show the good with the bad, the filtered with the unfiltered and the before and after of all the glam."

And she says she wants to empower and uplift her followers.

The It's Me, Tinx podcast host continued, "Women are multi-faceted. I think it's important to show that we are all things at once. We can't be put in a box. I think the way to show that is by being vulnerable and honest."

Part of being honest means getting candid about how social media filters and photoshopping to make people look perfect are harmful, especially to young women.

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"There's all those studies that show that young girls can't look at themselves in the front facing camera without filters and that really scares me," she added. "I do try to show myself with glam and without glam and of course not photoshopping or doing all those things, because it's messing with their heads, their self-esteem and their confidence."

And without self-confidence, she worries that young women will accept less than they deserve.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Endeavor

"If younger girls aren't confident and don't have strong self esteem, they're going to accept less in the workplace, in their relationships and in the world," the 32-year-old said. "It really starts with them."

She noted, "I think about that all the time in my content and what I want to inspire in the younger generation."

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