Tina Knowles Clarifies Comments About Beyoncé Being “Mean” Backstage: “I’m Gonna Get In Trouble When She Sees This”

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Tina Knowles recently appeared on the Halloween episode of Sherri, where she stated that Beyoncé may not only be a “b***h in the mornings”—as referenced on her ballad, “Flaws And All“—but “in the evenings” as well.

After reactions and clips from the segment hit the internet, the 69-year-old took to Instagram to clarify what she meant.

“You know, I’m gonna get in trouble when she sees this. So I would just clarify that she is not the only one fussing we all are,” Knowles wrote. “But it’s all love after she hits that stage and looks fabulous. But Quick change is not a place for people with sensitive temperaments. You have to be gangsta .!!!”

The former designer continued, “Don’t misunderstand, let me clarify ! She would not be crying because she got on our case , because we were screwing up . I was joking that when she was singing flaws and all that when she would cry on the song . My joke was that it was because she had been mean to us, but that was just a joke people. . She don’t play when it comes to her shows ! She is a perfectionist, because she feels like she and her fans deserve the best. You have to have your stuff together to work for her. She is a boss at all times and will not hesitate to get in your stuff if you mess up.”

Her mother made the reference after admitting, “We laughed about this recently because I was saying, ‘Girl, you get really mean back there,’ and I am really happy that I don’t have to be back there anymore because I used to do the quick change.”

Knowles continued, “We laugh because she used to do ‘Flaws and All,’ and she would say, ‘I’m a b***h in the morning.’ And I be like, ‘And the evening too.’ … After we get off, she say, ‘Mama, I’m so sorry.’ And I’m like, ‘I know.’ And sometimes she be crying. And I was like, ‘She crying ‘cause she know she just said some crazy stuff to us.’”

Mama Tina also revealed that Blue Ivy’s appearance on the tour was only supposed to happen once. Initially, Bey said no, but then told the 11-year-old that if she “worked hard and you really come with it, then we’ll let you go one time.”

However, after seeing how she lit up the stage and witnessing her confidence grow from show-to-show, Blue’s moment became one of the most anticipated parts of the Renaissance World Tour. It even got to the point where Kaavia James Wade thought the tour was Blue’s and not Beyoncé’s.

Watch the full clip above.

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