Timothy Olyphant Accidentally Got Way Too High Thanks to Willie Nelson

On Tuesday’s Conan, Timothy Olyphant shared a trippy story about accidentally partaking in Willie Nelson’s favorite herbal remedy. Olyphant was backstage at the Austin City Limits music festival with his brother when someone asked them if they wanted to partake in the legendary musician and weed enthusiast’s stash. Olyphant couldn’t pass it up.

The Justified star said he had two hits and that “it was at least one hit too many.”

Olyphant was way too high and wanted to walk to a nearby golf cart to rest but opted to sit on the ground. He then became worried that people would see the unflattering sight of a stoned celebrity on the ground. He tried to move on, but fearing he’d get lost, he wrote the name of the hotel where he was staying.

He said, “There’s a lot of things I’d like to have in common with Robert Downey Jr., but walking into the wrong home and falling asleep is not one of them.”

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