What Time Is ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 Streaming?

Mike White’s surprise hit “The White Lotus” is back for Season 2, this time focusing on the deviance, drama and anxieties of a new set of wealthy guests at the luxury hotel’s branch in Sicily, Italy.

Although Jennifer Coolidge’s portrayal of Tanya McQuoid was just too good for just one season, besides Coolidge the second season ushers in another all-star cast, including “Parks and Recreation” royalty Aubrey Plaza and “Divergent’s” Theo James.

While the characters provoke new questions that send their spouses, family members or even strangers into a dizzying identity crisis, the show’s signature murder mystery trope remains.

Here’s how to watch “The White Lotus” Season 2 when it premieres Sunday, Oct. 30.

When Is “The White Lotus” Season 2 Streaming on HBO Max?

While “The White Lotus” Season 2 will air on HBO on TV, it will also be streaming on HBO Max throughout the season. Episodes will debut on HBO at 9 p.m. ET/PT, but will be streaming on HBO Max at 9 p.m. ET and 6 p.m. PT — which means if you don’t want to wait a few hours to watch the new episodes on the west coast feed of HBO, you can just stream it directly on HBO Max at the same time it airs on the east coast.

“The White Lotus” Season 2 debuts on Oct. 30, with new episodes released once a week every Sunday.

What Is “The White Lotus” Season 2 About?

The satire follows the tumultuous lives of a handful of guests staying at the extravagant hotel, from a week-long double date that sparks concern from Plaza’s character about how wealth can change people, to a generational family squabble that brings up childhood memories that would rather be forgotten, to a budding romance that saves a young woman from going crazy after her boss demands she be at her beck and call.

Of course, it wouldn’t be “The White Lotus” without a dead body foreshadowing a grim future for one of these lucky guests.

Who Is in the “The White Lotus” Season 2 Cast?

Jennifer Coolidge reprises her role as Tanya McQuoid, alongside Jon Gries, who plays her husband, but they’re the only returning characters from Season 1 (that we know of).

Aubrey Plaza, Meghann Fahy, Theo James, Adam DiMarco, Beatrice Grannò, Sabrina Impacciatore, Michael Imperioli Haley Lu Richardson, Will Sharpe, Simona Tabasco, Tom Hollander and Leo Woodall also star.

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