Tilda Swinton Talks Pigs and Dreams in Bizarre New 'Okja' Video

Tilda Swinton isn’t afraid of getting weird in big-budget genre movies, as she proved in both 2013’s Snowpiercer and last year’s Doctor Strange. She’ll reunite this year with the former’s director, South Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho, for Okja, a sci-fi monster movie about a young girl intent on protecting her best friend — a gigantic creature — from a corporation intent on capturing it for its own nefarious purposes. Set to debut on Netflix and in select theaters in a few months, it shapes up as one of the summer’s most out-there movies — an impression only solidified by a new teaser video featuring Swinton (watch it above).

In it, we meet Lucy Mirando (Swinton), CEO of Mirando Corp., which in Okja will capture adolescent Mija’s (An Seo Hyun) animal BFF. Given the craziness that Mirando spouts in this faux promotional video about pigs and dreams (and night terrors!), it’s not a stretch to be wary of her true intentions regarding animals. The clip makes plain Bong’s latest will be a thoroughly idiosyncratic genre affair, mixing fantasy and adventure with a fair share of off-kilter humor.

Okja, also starring Jake Gyllenhaal, will arrive on Netflix — and in select theaters — on June 28. You can watch its latest clip above, and, if you missed it, its previously released trailer.

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