Tila Tequila’s Twitter Account Suspended After ‘Sieg Hail Salute’ Photo Surfaces

Tila Tequila offended with this photo. (Photo: Twitter)

An alt-right conference was held in Washington, D.C., on Sat., Nov. 19, and among the many gathered to hear white nationalist Richard Spencer speak was former reality TV star Tila Tequila. After she tweeted a photo of herself holding up the Nazi salute during a dinner at Maggianos Little Italy restaurant, the restaurant posted a statement on Facebook apologizing for Tequila's actions, and her Twitter account was later suspended.

"This was a last minute booking made Friday afternoon, and the reservation was made under a different name, therefore we were not aware that NPI was dining with us or what the group represents," Maggianos said in the statement. "After the event, an attendee sent a tweet in which she made a 'Sieg Heil salute' in support of Hitler and white supremacy. This expression of support of Hitler is extremely offensive to us, as our restaurant is home to Teammates and Guests of every race, religion and cultural background."

The restaurant went on to "apologize to the community of Friendship Heights for inadvertently hosting this meeting" and announced that the profits made from the night of the Tila Tequila incident will be donated to "the DC office of the Anti-Defamation League".

Read the full statement below.