TikTok's infamous Pink Sauce arrives at Walmart shelves nationwide despite previously sparking safety concerns

  • Pink Sauce, the viral creation of TikTok's Chef Pii, has hit mass retail.

  • Supplier and distributor Dave's Gourmet said the product is manufactured "under FDA guidelines" and is "shelf-stable."

  • It's been a bumpy road thus far, complete with nonsensical nutritional labels and bottles broken in shipping.

Pink Sauce, the curious condiment that captured the imagination of TikTok in June — and raised safety concerns — has officially hit Walmart shelves nationwide.

The sauce's creator, Chef Pii — real name Veronica Shaw — tapped hot sauce and pasta sauce company Dave's Gourmet as Pink Sauce's exclusive supplier and distributor over the summer. In a press release, Dave's said that while Shaw's concoction enthralled the internet and sold out upon launch, the Miami-based chef and content creator lacked food production expertise, which "led to significant obstacles."

While initial concerns surrounded the fluorescent sauce's safety, Dave's said it is manufacturing Pink Sauce "under FDA guidelines in a [Safe Quality Food]-certified facility," noting that the product is "shelf-stable."

The Los Angeles Times reports that Pink Sauce is "dragon fruit-based" with a "sweet and sour" flavor profile — though Dave's had to alter the recipe and packaging. Ingredients now include dragon fruit, coconut cream, canola oil, onion powder, and ranch flavoring. A glass bottle has replaced its plastic squirt container.

Pink Sauce will be available exclusively at 4,300 Walmart locations through July 2023. While Shaw had originally priced it at $20 (plus shipping), bottles now cost roughly $8.

Pink Sauce has had a bumpy journey to retail. At launch, customers complained of error-ridden nutritional labels and lack of storage instructions, with some saying that the substance was arriving in varying hues of pink or that their bottles had been broken en route.

At the time, Shaw acknowledged her errors, while lashing out at critics.

"I am literally being tortured because I won't give answers to people in regards to my safety as a business owner," she told Insider in July. "I have a right to reserve my silence, so that triggered them to dig deep to harass me."

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