TikTok's Francesco LoPresti Dead at 24 After Cancer Battle: Girlfriend Kaitlin Reagan Pays Tribute

TikTok's Francesco LoPresti Dead at 24 After Cancer Battle: Girlfriend Kaitlin Reagan Pays Tribute

Kaitlin Reagan is mourning the death of her boyfriend Francesco LoPresti.

In a video shared to TikTok on March 30, Kaitlin announced to her 3.1 million followers that Francesco passed away on Monday, March 21 after his battle with cancer. He was 24 years old.

"This was really hard to make this video," Kaitlin said while holding back tears. "That's why it's been a while since—I know it's been a week since he hasn't been here. But you guys deserve to know he loved you guys so much, and he loved everything that you guys did for him and just watching our videos and standing with us. And I thank you for that."

During his lifetime, Francesco, who had more than 742,000 followers on his own channel, and Kaitlin made hundreds of videos about his cancer journey, their relationship, pranks on each other and more.

"It's going to take some time for us to really comprehend that he's not here anymore and to heal," Kaitlin continued. "But what I do ask is that you take the time to watch all of our amazing videos that we made in the past because that's what we have now ‘cause they were so special. And I'm going to be back. I'm just going to need some time. And everything that I do moving forward will be for him. So thank you for being here and don't forget me. I'll be back."

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The social media and reality TV star, who appeared on the show Paradise Hotel, also paid tribute to her longtime love in the caption.

"I love you unconditionally and I feel so broken," she wrote alongside the video. "I know you want everyone to know how much their love and support filled your life, so please let his voice be heard. I promise to share your messages one day. You and I against the world forever. Thank u for a true love story."

Francesco LoPresti, Kaitlin Reagan

According to Kaitlin and Francesco's website, he was diagnosed with stage 3B testicular cancer at age 17. The cancer "metastasized into multiple tumors surrounding his lymph nodes, neck, liver, spinal cord and right hip," the site continued, and over the years, Francesco underwent "numerous surgeries and radiation treatments," as well as chemotherapy.

In a March 11 TikTok video, Kaitlin recalled a doctor telling her "it's stage 4 and the cancer is moving quick," noting they "can't put him in remission" but they "can prolong his life."

In recent weeks, Kaitlin had been asking their followers to pray for Francesco and posted videos from the hospital. "I love you guys, and I ask you keep him in your prayers," she wrote in a March 16 post. "We are in a hospice stage. Please stand with us, and pray. Thank you so much."

Kaitlin and Francesco started dating in 2013. They were "on and off for nine years" she explained in a March 1 video, and had been "dating consistently" for the past three years.

"I want to give you advice," she shared in a recent post. "I want you to cherish life and love your person with everything you have, because you never know what life will throw at you."

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