TikTokers are sharing the worst things guys have said to them after sex

thanks to user Andrea Russett, TikTokers are revealing the worst thing a man has said to them immediately after sex. “My boyfriend of 3 years said, ‘Man you’re so much better than Kayla’ and that ladies and gentlemen is how I found out he slept with my best friend,” one person said. Another user shared that a man she had sex with told her she was “so much better than [his] wife,” which was the first she’d ever heard of him being married. A third person revealed that someone she had sex with called her the wrong name … twice. @senalovv responded to Russett with her own video, in which she shared her experience with an unabashed player. “Immediately after we had just had sex, this guy was like, ‘Okay, can you get dressed and get your own Uber?”. “Because I have another girl coming over here in the next 10 minutes”. “[You] deserve better for sure,” one angry commenter wrote. “He will end up alone with that attitude,” another added