TikTokers ask parents to dance like it’s the 1980s in new trend. See them bust a move

Kids on TikTok are asking their parents to show them how they danced in the ’80s, and people are obsessed.

A popular trend has overtaken TikTok, and it’s filled the app with parents getting groovy to the 1984 track “Smalltown Boy” by the British pop band Bronski Beat.

Savannah Kaddouri, whose TikTok username is @Savannahhkaddouri, posted a video of her dad showing her “how he danced in the 80s,” according to the video that’s garnered over 27.4 million views as of May 15.

Users jumped to the comments to share their thoughts on the “80s boogie man,” with one person saying, “He’s been waiting for someone to ask him about his 80s dance skills for a long time now. He owned the moment.”

“He used to be king of the dance floor,” someone wrote.

“I was not prepared for how absolutely fire this is,” another wrote.

Another user, known as @Yungkimlet, showed her mom getting “jiggy with it,” according to the video that’s garnered over 33.5 million views as of May 15.

Users rushed to the comments to express how “unbelievably happy” the trend has made them, with one person saying, “My favorite thing about this trend is that there’s like NO hesitation for any of these people. Like (it’s) encoded into their DNA. They just KNOW.”

“I love this trend because they instantly look so youthful every time they start dancing,” another person said.

“These videos of parents are healing a part of me I didn’t know was broken,” one user wrote.

TikToker @Bucc40’s video had users wanting to bring back these killer moves with one person saying, “Whyyy did we stop dancing like this?”

“So as it turns out, I CAN dance, I just belong in the 80’s,” another person commented on the video that’s garnered over 27.1 million views as of May 15.

“Can we pls bring back 80s dancing,” another said.

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