TikToker Julie Lorentzen Hospitalized During Honeymoon in Thailand With Unknown Illness

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TikToker Julie Lorentzen has landed in the hospital amid her honeymoon.

Just a week after their seaside wedding in Thailand, the content creator and her partner Camilla found themselves putting their in sickness and in health vows to use. In a series of Instagram Story posts on July 13, Julie shared that she was admitted to a local medical center after experiencing pressure in her chest for days.

"woke up today feeling worse," she wrote. "my face is also super puffy, my eyelids feel like they weigh a tonne, I'm bloated and IDK if dizzy is the right word but I feel like there's a fog all over my head."

In a follow-up, Julie continued, "admitted to the cardio center, done blood tests, echo, ecg & going to ct with contrast. they've put me on a monitor and i'm staying overnight."

As of July 14, Julie said doctors are still working on a diagnosis, though they believe that her ailment isn't COVID-19 or thyroid-related. "gastro thinks it could be something to do with that so they've scheduled a colonoscopy and a bunch of other tests," she shared in an update on Instagram Stories. "they've ruled out anxiety as an option because my symptoms don't match with anxiety related illness."

Julie Lorentzen

Julie added that her and Camilla's flight to Rome for the next leg of their honeymoon has been postponed "so we have time to get to the bottom of this."

In the meantime, Camilla, who Julie described as her "rock," has been by her side every step of the way. "I didn't expect to spend my honeymoon in the hospital, but I am," Julie captioned a TikTok video showing the newlyweds eating dinner on her bed, "and I'm glad you're the one who's hold my hand through it all."

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