TikToker ignites debate over restaurant etiquette after saying he always cleans up his own table because he's a 'grown up'

finished plates at a restaurant
A restaurant table full of dirty dishes.Alexander Spatari/Getty Images
  • A TikTok post ignited a heated debate over the best restaurant etiquette.

  • Nicolas Conquer cleared his plates to help out the staff, saying he did so because he's "grown up."

  • Some said it was good manners while others took issue, saying servers may find it annoying.

TikToker Nicolas Conquer ignited a debate on the app after he filmed himself clearing and arranging his plates at a restaurant after he'd finished, saying he did so because he's a "grown up."

Conquer said he had previously worked in the industry so he cleans up after himself to help the servers out, as well as leaving a tip.

"Some people don't realize this is what is adults do," Conquer further explained in the comments. "I posted this as a bare minimum reference."

People are divided in the comments under the video, which was posted on March 13 and has been viewed over 800,000 times. Some said what Conquer did was basic good manners.

"I do this too," one commenter wrote. "And I pick up every piece of food my kids drop. Used to drive my ex crazy, but it's not their job to clean up after my kids."

Some wait staff commented saying they appreciate the help, calling Conquer a "good human," arguing that clearing up your own mess is "the right and respectful thing to do."

But others took issue, saying wait staff may find it annoying because they have their own system of clearing tables that can inadvertently create more work.

One server said the help was "great" but if people wanted to do this, "please put all trash/food on the top plate or we're gonna have to separate it all anyways." They added they hated it when people thought they were "being nice" but were actually making things harder for staff who have to "unstack everything" then clear food off the bottom of the plates.

"I've seen people do this only to have the waitress disassemble the stack because it wasn't stacked right," one further comment said. Another noted, "I have straight up had servers ask me not to arrange stuff cause it messed with their system lol."

One person who claimed to have worked in restaurants their whole life commented to say "literally part of the job is clearing the table."

A few comments criticized Conquer for posting the video at all, asking him if he wanted "an award" for his actions.

But overall, Conquer held his ground. On Instagram he said he'd noticed that his post about "common decency" had received some attention.

"I'm just glad I have never gone viral in a negative light," he said. "Don't plan on changing my positivity posts."

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