That TikToker who had a theory about how Gen Zers look older? His doppelgänger is Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man, who is literally twice his age.

  • TikToker Jordan Howlett is 26, but people frequently assume he is older.

  • It probably doesn't help that he looks like Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man, who is twice his age at 52.

  • But that's also a compliment because the rapper looks great at his age, Howlett told BI.

Last month, Jordan Howlett, a popular content creator better known as Jordan The Stallion, went viral for his video theorizing that Gen Zers look older than they are due to stress.

For example, Howlett is 26 but is frequently mistaken for a grown father with children.

"I am Gen Z, and nobody ever believes me. When my mom and I walk out in public, people think that my mom is my younger sister," Howlett said in his TikTok.

It also probably doesn't help that his celebrity doppelgänger is legendary Gen X rapper Method Man.

In a TikTok he posted Saturday, Howlett addressed an amusingly invented claim that he is related to the iconic Wu-Tang Clan rapper and producer.

Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, then made a surprise appearance in the video, wearing a similar outfit and intentionally mimicking Howlett's mannerisms.

The resemblance is indeed a bit uncanny.

The rapper also got in on the joke about how Howlett looks like an older man. A Gen Xer, Method Man is 52 — twice Howlett's age.

"I mean, even though we kind of look alike — he looks like a more stressed out version of me — there's no relation," Method Man said in the video.

"I've always been told — I think around when I was maybe 20 years old or so — that I resembled Method Man in a way," Howlett, who also founded Fast Food Secrets Club, told Business Insider.

Howlett recognized the video did not help his case to prove to people that he is, in fact, 26, but he also told BI that it's really not a bad comparison to get. Method Man looks great for his age.

"Method Man looks amazing," Howlett told BI. "If I'm going to prove my case at all, I'm happy I did it that way."

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