TikToker creates mega Fruit by the Foot roll

You know those moments where you’re so bored you just start cleaning? Or mindlessly snacking?. That’s pretty much the gist you get from watching Kyle Levo’s unusual experiment on TikTok. “I’m 27 and a lot of people I went to school with are, like, having kids now, starting a family, getting married,” Levo says. “But I had bigger ambitions”. Levo then holds up an enormous monstrosity that he created himself, using 100 packages of Fruit by the Foot. His goal? To line a football field. Naturally, viewers demanded to see a part two in which Levo actually unraveled the mega Fruit by the Foot. Levo didn’t anticipate that the giant man-made Fruit by the Foot wouldn’t stay together while he unraveled it along a football field. Luckily this journey wasn’t all for nothing, as there may be a part three in our future. “If this video gets a million likes, I’ll eat the whole Fruit Roll-Up,” Levo concludes