TikTok users are sharing the brutal and shameless messages guys have sent them

One of the newest trends on TikTok has users sharing some of the meanest and most shameless messages guys have ever sent them. You only need two things to participate: screenshots of the messages you want to expose, and a very specific audio clip from the song “I Found a Guy Told Me I Was a Star” by Ava Watson. User @eviierog used the audio to call out a guy named Derek who got straight to the point with his text message. At 3:50 in the morning, he texted @eviierog and said, “I’m obviously texting you to hookup so I’m seeing what you’re doing”. Another user who goes by @cleasel exposed a former flame named Nick who told her that she looks “more [like] a creature than a girl”. TikTokers were particularly perturbed by this one. “Oh my GOD the audacity of this man,” one user said. A user named Chloe used the audio to call out a guy named Jake who called her an “ungrateful b****” after he called her cute and then didn’t think she responded properly to the compliment