TikTok users are freaking out after discovering the 'Bass Pro Pyramid'

If you’ve never heard of the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, you’re in for a surprise. The massive outpost of the famous sporting goods store is currently going viral on TikTok — mainly because users can hardly believe it exists. Located in the Memphis Pyramid in Memphis, Tenn., the 322-foot-tall structure originally opened as a sports arena in the early ’90s. Since 2015, though, it’s housed the world’s largest Bass Pro Shops location. That fact seemed particularly mind-blowing to TikTok user @the_jenc. The 24-year-old posted a video sharing her discovery, and it has since drawn nearly 400,000 views. For starters, she seemed particularly unsettled to find that the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid is actually the 10th-tallest pyramid in the world. The Bass Pro Shops Pyramid also features a gun range, a restaurant and a 103-room hotel. TikTok users seemed completely blown away by @the_jenc’s discovery