TikTok sleuths are poring through old reality TV footage and social media posts to prove that two 'Vanderpump Rules' stars had a monthslong affair

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix taking a selfie on the red carpet of the MTV Movie & TV Awards.
Sandoval and Madix at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in June.Emma McIntyre
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  • Reports of an affair between two "Vanderpump Rules" stars are rippling across the internet — specifically TikTok.

  • Gossip creators are combing through reality TV archives and old social media posts for any signs of infidelity.

  • The drama is playing out in real-time, as fans are gleefully finding and posting new developments.

A cheating scandal between two cast members of Bravo's 10-year-old series, "Vanderpump Rules," riveted avid fans and non-viewers alike over the weekend, as TikTok sleuths have begun parsing through old footage and social media posts to keep the rumor mill flowing.

Because long-kept cheating revelations have become a touchstone of the series, which follows the lives of an intermingling group of former Los Angeles restaurant employees, some fans gleefully remarked that the aging show had "found its north star again."

The person at the center of the scandal is Tom Sandoval, a restaurant owner and aspiring musician, who is accused of cheating on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, with another "Vanderpump" cast member, Raquel Leviss. (While Sandoval has not explicitly confirmed the rumors, he told fans that he deserved their "anger and disappointment" in an Instagram post on Saturday. Madix has since deactivated her Instagram account.)

Raquel Leviss on the red carpet of Bravocon, wearing a green one-shoulder dress.
Leviss at last year's Bravocon gathering.Santiago Felipe

When news of the alleged affair broke, people reacted loudly on social media. "Vanderpump," "Scandoval," the nickname given to the drama, and "#TeamAriana" continue to be national trending topics on Monday.

As fans eagerly await updates and scheduled press appearances from the show's stars this week, TikTok, as always, is trying to sleuth for answers on its own. Gossip and commentary channels have sprung into action, looking for past signs of infidelity and speculating about the fallout in real-time.

Here are all the signs of apparent infidelity that TikTokers believe they've unearthed

On Sunday, user @fernannduhh sought to prove a Reddit rumor that Sandoval and Leviss wore matching lightning bolt necklaces throughout their affair as a secret signal to each other. The TikToker combed through both stars' respective Instagram histories to find photos where they both were, in fact, wearing lightning bolt necklaces.

"So gross," @fernannduhh said in a video that's gained 167,000 views.

Surprisingly, that's not the only article of clothing that the two allegedly shared. Former journalist and TikToker @coccacocca noted that same day that Leviss wore a sweatshirt of one of Sandoval's restaurants, TomTom, to the BravoCon convention last year. Sandoval was then seen wearing the same sweatshirt later that month when he dressed up as Leviss for Halloween.

People also dug up video evidence from Sandoval's Instagram account when he attended a Miss California pageant to cheer on Leviss, who was competing. "So cringe looking back at these two," wrote the TikToker Kathryn Raymond.

Commenters underneath the video claim they can also hear Sandovol saying "thanks" to someone who could be heard calling Leviss "gorgeous."

@kathrynraymond24 So cringe looking back at these two 🤦🏻‍♀️🤢🤢🤢WTF @raquelleviss1 @tomsandoval1 #vanderpump #rules #raquelleviss #tomsandoval #affair #TeamAriana ♬ original sound - Kathryn Raymond181

Finally, Sami Sage, the founder of the media company Betches, took a deep dive into the "Vanderpump Rules" archives to try to show Sandoval's questionable behavior in past seasons. Sage called the TikTok series "infidelity tells."

In one clip where Sandoval was confronted by his then-girlfriend Kristen Doute about cheating on her with Madix, he's seen avoiding and deflecting her questioning. In another clip, friends of Doute claim Sandoval had told Madix he was single when he was still in a relationship with Doute.

Leviss has also been the subject of the internet's ire. In one TikTok with 1 million views, for instance, the user @PrincestonGirl818 claimed that their husband had gone to high school with Leviss, and that their high school yearbook showed Leviss' real first name was actually Rachel.

Many commenters took the change to be duplicitous. "It's giving Hilaria," the top comment reads.

There are also several blind items about incidents that transpired during and after Madix learned about the affair, which have quickly snowballed across TikTok.

One unverified report that originated on the gossip account Deux Moi claimed that another cast member, Scheana Shay, punched Leviss in the face when she heard the news while the two were on a press trip in New York City, giving Leviss a black eye.

"I DO NOT condone violence," said the TikToker @StephWithDaDeets, who quickly took to the app to discuss. "I'm just relaying the news."

Deux Moi also shared a submission from someone claiming to have insight into Leviss' crisis PR strategy in the wake of the scandal. According to the blind item, which has been plastered all over TikTok, Leviss has plans to break up with Sandoval and attack him for screenshotting a sexual encounter they shared on FaceTime. Leviss then planned to go on an "apology tour."

But user @StarringHeather – who has been watching and recounting all of these events as they unfold – isn't convinced that's a sound strategy.

"Her apology doesn't mean anything to anyone," the TikToker told 11,000 viewers on Sunday. "Even if she does apologize, that's not gonna help her image. What's done is done."

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