TikTok says mixing Sonic’s Dr Pepper with pickles is actually ‘so good.’ Wait, what?

TikTok is marrying two ingredients, and it’s apparently creating an oddly good outcome.

TikToker @Mississipimemaw took her followers to Sonic’s drive-thru and placed an order that would leave most people with bouts of nausea.

“I need to get a large Dr Pepper with pickles,” she can be heard saying in the video that’s garnered more than 3.7 million views as of May 8.

Comments on the May 2 video had most talking about how the cashier wasn’t “even phased” with the odd request.

Later in the video, the TikToker gives a closeup of the creation, showing the soda, pickles and Sonic’s iconic pebble ice.

“Don’t knock it till you try it,” she says in the video.

Another user, known as @Jaben4real, tried the concoction and was surprised by the taste.

“Oh my god, why does that work? Someone explain the science behind this,” the TikToker can be heard saying in the May 7 video that has more than 80,000 views as of May 8.

Posters were in agreement in the comments, with one person saying, “I love it!”

“It is so good!!” another person said.

While some were all in favor of the “peck of pickled Dr Pepper,” others weren’t a fan, and some had their suspicions.

“We tried it last Sunday and we did not care for it. It tasted like garlicky Dr Pepper,” one person wrote.

“Am I being gaslit rn,” another wrote.

TikTok user @Chandlerdenisekaye wasn’t sure how to feel.

“I don’t know if I like it. I’m so confused,” the TikToker can be heard saying in the video that’s amassed more than 843,000 views as of May 8.

The video ends with the TikToker coming to terms with the “love-hate relationship” she shares with the drink.

Some commenters even gave TikTokers new recommendations.

“You gotta go to Whataburger and get a Witch Doctor next! It’s a mix of all of their sodas in one cup with a pickle,” one said.

“You think that’s good. Try coolaid and pickles. Fruit punch, cherry and or grape,” another person said.

“That’s really good. You should try pickles/pickle juice in Pepsi. So good!,” someone wrote.

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