TikTok: What Is the ‘Door Knock Challenge’? Why Is It Dangerous?

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After the ‘Door Knock Challenge’ took off in TikTok and caused widespread concern, people are curious to know what it is and why it is dangerous. Here is everything you need to know about this new dangerous trend.

What is the TikTok “Door Knock Challenge”?

The TikTok ‘Door Knock Challenge’ is a challenge that involves people sneaking around a neighborhood late at night knocking or banging on unsuspecting residents’ doors and running away before they are caught.

This challenge is also known as the Ding Dong Ditch challenge. While it may seem like a harmless prank on the surface, it is very much criminal and dangerous. This challenge has proven to be troubling and disturbing to various unsuspecting residents, especially those who do not have security cams installed in their homes.

Some teenagers have also upped the ante when it comes to performing the challenge as they have made use of items like 5-gallon water jugs to make even louder bangs and noises.

Why is the TikTok “Door Knock Challenge” so dangerous?

The TikTok “Door Knock Challenge” is dangerous as it has caused distress to many residents, especially during late nights when they are sleeping.

For instance, one resident in Houston, Texas, a 77-year-old woman named Gwen came forward to the authorities to express her terrifying experience of being a victim of the prank (via WION):

“I would tell them to stop it before they get hurt or they hurt somebody. Please don’t do this. It’s wrong. It’s very wrong.”

The police in various areas such as the Friendswood Police Department in Texas have issued a warning to the teenagers taking part in the Door Knock Challenge.

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