TikTok Has Discovered a Way To Save Your Silk Press Through the Use of Old Pantyhose

Silk presses are a fall/winter hairstyle staple for Black and Brown women. However, getting them to last and keep that "out-the-salon-chair" look for more than two days can be quite a task. Never fret, as TikTok has us all covered with this simple yet effective hack that'll have you wondering, "Why didn't I think of this before?"

For starters, silk presses are a natural alternative to relaxers. Chemical relaxers last longer and are waterproof but can cause irreparable damage to your tresses. The benefit of a silk press is that your hair can stay chemical-free and still enjoy a straight hairstyle without the heat damage and return to your natural state afterward. Did you know the key to making the style last is through your old pantyhose? TikToker Tiana Morris passed along the tips to fellow silk press wearers and we're all grateful. For maintaining a silk press, Morris advises that you grab an old pantyhose, cut off the foot ends and drop the seat of the stockings onto your head. From there, you'll pull the ends of your hair through each leg ends and wrap the entire legs around your head like a scarf or "durag," and slip your bonnet over the top. Once you're ready to take it down, your hair will be fresh and new as the day you left the salon.

This neat hack will save silk press lives over the winter months. It'll also save you an extra few weeks between salon appointments. See more of Morris's hair hack tutorial below.

@tiana_thelawyer This might be the best life Hack I’ve found on this app??? #wrappingmyhair #hairwraptutorial #lifehacks ♬ original sound - Tiana Young Morris