TikTok debunks viral dishwasher hack: 'Totally wrong'

TikTok hacks can be hit or miss, but some of them are just completely wrong. Scott Jeffreys, a father of three, is pretty new to TikTok, but he’s already gone viral for his discovery of a dishwasher feature. “Who knew? I’ve been doing it wrong forever!” Jeffreys captioned the TikTok, which has now accumulated almost 4 million views. In the clip, Jeffreys films himself putting a pod into the designated detergent cup and then closing the lid — simple enough. But then, in the next shot, Jeffreys shows that the dishwasher pod perfectly fits in the space next to the detergent cup. After closing the lid a second time, . it’s revealed that when the pod is in this new spot next to the cup — seemingly giving the pod better access to the water that cleans the dishes. There is a purpose for that slot next to the detergent cup, but it’s for dishwasher powder used during the pre-rinse cycle. “That’s totally wrong, you got it right the first time,” someone commented. “I know, I realized about 300k views ago,” he replied. “It’s gone crackers”