Tiger Chases After Motorcycle in Terrifying Viral Video

Two people have escaped with their lives after being chased down by a tiger in India in a harrowing incident captured on video.

As seen in a clip shared by the Forests and Wildlife Protection Society on Saturday, the pair are riding on one motorcycle when the animal emerges from the trees surrounding the road and gives chase.

The tiger gets very close to the back of the bike on the road before peeling off into the trees, as the two humans can be heard exclaiming in worried tones.

“A Tiger is seen chasing a bike in Muthanga Wildlife Safari in Wayanad in Kerala,” the FAWPS captioned the 9-second video. “Is this how the Tiger Parks are managed in India?”

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A moderator from FAWPS told the Hindustan Timesthat the two individuals on the motorcycle were officials from the Forest Department who had gone to patrol the area after reports of a tiger sighting.

Comments on the video — which has gone viral since its posting, sitting at over 2,700 reactions, 1,200 comments and 10,000 shares as of Thursday morning —ranged from horrified to humorous.

“Oh ho just stop and pet the kitty. It just wants to show some love. 😂,” one user wrote.

Tiger chases after motorcycle in India | Forests and Wildlife Protection Society - FAWPS
Tiger chases after motorcycle in India | Forests and Wildlife Protection Society - FAWPS

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“Exhibit A. If you’re going to choose two wheels for transportation, get a motorcycle not a scooter,” another chimed in, praising the riders for their choice of a vehicle that could move faster than the tiger.

A third commenter clapped back against “keyboard warriors” who criticized the officials for getting too close, noting that “all tigers do not behave this way” and calling the encounter a fluke.

“I regularly travel through this forest dreaming of spotting [a tiger]. You have to be extremely lucky to even see one,” they wrote. “This is just an exception from a behavior point of view, just as humans are not the same. Just enjoy the video, Thank the stars that those two were not killed.”

According to animalplanet.com, a tiger can jump 20 to 30 feet forward in one bound due to its strong hind legs, which are longer than its front legs. National Geographic Kidsreports that adult tigers can run up to 40 mph.