Secret comic-book savant Tiffany Haddish on the 'Wonder Woman' character she needs to play

Here’s a pro tip to the current handlers of the DC Extended Universe: maybe it’s time to put Tiffany Haddish in charge. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment recently, the star of the new female-fronted mob movie The Kitchen — which, coincidentally, is also based on a DC comic book — revealed her secret life as a big-time superhero nerd. “I know my comic books,” Haddish boasted, while busting out some deep-cut references that dropped the jaws of co-stars Melissa McCarthy and Elisabeth Moss. (Watch our video interview above.)

The comic-book talk started when we asked Haddish if she’d want to play Batgirl, particularly if her Kitchen director, Andrea Berloff, was at the helm. (In a recent interview with LRM, Berloff revealed that Batgirl would be the superhero movie she’d most want to direct.) “Can you think of a better Batgirl than Tiffany?” the director told us, and while we’d never argue with that sentiment, Haddish apparently has other costumed crusaders in mind. “I’d rather be Wonder Woman’s sister, Nubia,” Haddish said, referring to a character originally introduced in 1973. Failing that, she’d also happily play Mystery Girl, the heroine of a 2015 comic book published by Dark Horse.

Wonder Woman and Nubia in the comics (Image: DC Comics)
Wonder Woman and Nubia in the comics (Image: DC Comics)

It’s a good thing that Haddish knows her comic books chapter and verse, because she’s the only one of The Kitchen trio who would have any idea what to do if, say, the Justice League got up in their mob business. Moss claimed to have no clue what members made up DC’s mightiest super-team, while McCarthy asked if they had anything to do with the Wonder Twins. (To be fair, the Wonder Twins were a part of the Super Friends, the Hanna-Barbera version of the Justice League.) “I was really into Who’s the Boss,” McCarthy joked.

Now we want to see the Tony Danza Extended Universe.

The Kitchen is playing in theaters now.

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