Tierra Whack Knows She’s “The Sh*t” Despite Being Left Out Of Rap Conversations

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Tierra Whack has found an uncanny way to show how fandom can be desirable, yet overbearing at times with her fictional, pseudo-music documentary, Cypher.

The Philadelphia wordsmith showcases her rise to fame, whilst also investigating a conspiracy theory involving herself — onset by an obsessive fan.

While attending an early screening on a cool Thursday night (Nov. 9) in Brooklyn, Whack spoke with VIBE about her views on stardom, and how confident she remains even when her name is left out of conversations regarding the best women rappers.

“I know I’m the sh*t. You smell me?” Whack declared when asked about being a top lyricist who doesn’t always get the flowers she deserves. “No, but honestly … God, I’m gifted. I know that. And I just can never be— I always have to be grateful because I know it’s a gift. I recognize that not everybody can do what I do.”

See below.

Whack’s uniqueness compares to the greats like Missy Elliott and Erykah Badu. Speaking of respecting all women rappers — no matter their musical content preference — she thinks everyone should show each other love regardless.

“I was just blasting Sexyy Red. It’s turnt. It’s crazy. You can’t deny it,” she spoke of the “Skee Yee” rhymer. “I think it’s important for us to all just show love to each other and support, because I remember when it was only a few of us, and now it’s so many. I can name 10 artists right now, 10 female artists … rappers. I’m just happy. The more, the merrier.”

In the film, fans get to see the 28-year-old’s goofy side, hyper-focused creative moments, and even times when she can be a bit clumsy — hence her falling off stage during a show.

“When I actually fell on stage I was like, ‘Oh, my God,'” she recalled. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to be okay. It was a whole live show, and I just felt embarrassed. But then immediately, I’m like, ‘No, I’m Whack, I’m badass. I got to get up and keep going.’ And that’s what I did.”

The Interscope artist capped off her early screening by showing influencers, music personnel, fans, family and more her newest video “Chanel Pit,” set to live on her forthcoming album.

The visual shows Whack going through a car wash (with no car) as she dons an all-white ensemble, ruby red hair, and a beat face.

Check out “Chanel Pit” below and Tierra Whack speaking with VIBE above. Cypher premieres on Hulu and in select theaters Nov. 24.

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