'Thursday Night Football' on Amazon Prime Video has a new theme song. Listen to it here

An "NFL on Prime Video" banner hangs on the field prior to a game on Dec. 26 between the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Ariz. The NFL will nearly double its media revenue to more than $10 billion a season with new rights agreements announced Thursday, including a deal with Amazon Prime Video that gives the streaming service exclusive rights to "Thursday Night Football" beginning in 2022.

Not bad, Amazon Prime Video, not bad at all.

Prime Video will be the exclusive home to “Thursday Night Football” this season, starting with the Sept. 15 game between the LA Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs. (The Arizona Cardinals host the New Orleans Saints on Oct. 20.)

Prime Video is all in, having nabbed Al Michaels, the legendary play-by-play announcer, and analyst Kirk Herbstreit for its games. It’s a bit of an odd pairing, as Herbstreit is known for college football. But clearly, no matter who is calling the games, people are going to watch, even if it’s with the sound down.

They recently unveiled the new theme song for the broadcast. Composed by Pinar Toprak, who we see conducting an orchestra in the video (she composed the score for “Captain Marvel”), it’s dramatic, like the backdrop for something important — which, to millions of viewers, NFL football is. (In 2021, 75 of the 100 highest-rated shows on television were football games.)

The orchestra noodles around a bit at the beginning and then really kicks in. (Note: I am not a classical-music expert.) It could also be the chase scene in a movie soundtrack.

It's way better than Hank Williams Jr.'s odious theme 'MNF'

Of course, any football theme song is background music for the action you're about to watch. Thus, with Prime Video's new theme you really miss the sights of gigantic men crashing into each other at top speed when you listen — as a longer video proves.

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“Prime Video Sports Theme” is certainly better than Hank Williams Jr.’s odious “Are You Ready for Some Football?” (a repurposed version of “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight”) that “Monday Night Football” used for years. Sheesh.

But, it’s not up there with the classic “Heavy Action,” which “Monday Night Football” used for years and is the greatest of all football themes. It just sounds like a football game is going to break out.

But Prime Video's new theme ain’t bad.

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