Thundu Ending Explained: How Does Biju Menon’s Movie End?

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Malayalam actor Biju Menon is known for his impressive acting skills. Throughout his career in the industry, the actor has given many blockbusters. From drama and action to romance, the actor has done it all. However, his first movie of the year 2024, Thundu, is a comedy. Playing the role of a police constable named Baby, Menon brought smiles to many faces.

Thundu follows the story of Baby, who never fails to attract troubles in his life. To change his condition, he decides to appear for an examination for a head constable. However, he resorts to cheating and gets caught. What happens next shapes the course of the movie. Does Baby get promoted or not? Here is Thundu’s ending explained.

Thundu begins with a scene of a high school examination. Mathew, who has many unique ways to cheat in the exam, is caught red-handed. It turns out that he is the son of Constable Baby (played by Biju Menon). Hearing about his son’s tactics, Baby tries to rush to the school and accidentally hits a man with an auto.

How does Constable Baby decide to change his life?

It is clear that Baby could easily invite trouble into his life, and he has to face many more hurdles in the story. Moreover, Shine Tom Chacko’s Head Constable Shibin does not leave any stone turned, bringing more trouble to Baby’s life. Their rivalry dates back to another incident that took place a while ago. However, the movie focuses on Baby and how he always faces troubles.

Due to a minor incident, Baby and Shibin get into a verbal fight. While Shibin was the one who started it, Baby was told to apologize because of his lower rank. As a result, Baby’s colleague advises him to appear for the head constable exam and brings another officer on board to help him.

Here is when Thundu’s story starts shaping up. A dedicated Baby appears for the multi-layered examination. While he passes the physical tests, he is worried about the written ones. As a result, he resorts to cheating. But, a surprise visit by the commissioner in the examination hall turns his life upside down. Baby is set to a police camp for training, and Shibin does not leave any chance to demean him.

During his training in the police camp, Baby tells Naveen the reason behind his rivalry with Shibin. He reveals how he once charged a lawyer named Girish with a fine for urinating on the roadside on a political party’s poster. It turns out that Girish is Shibin’s cousin, and the party workers make them clean the wall. A video of the two of them apologizing and cleaning the wall gets leaked, and Shibin turns against Baby.

Thundu ending: Does Baby pass the examination and get promoted?

Throughout the movie Thundu, Baby’s immense love for dogs is evident. However, he realizes how his colleagues have been pushing him around and calling him “Dog Baby.” Seeing his name written in the police station, Baby goes to his son. He reveals how he has led a struggle-filled life since childhood. As he decides to change his life by appearing in the exam, his son comes to his help. They both appear for their respective exams with the help of multiple cheat sheets. But this time, the father-son duo do not get caught.

While the entire police station waits for Baby’s result, his fate has other plans. Following the head constable examination, the Kerala government announced a special promotion for all constables who have served for more than 21 years. As a result, Baby is promoted to ASI (Assistant Sub-Inspector).

Thundu is currently streaming on Netflix.

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