'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Hints at Possible Future Appearance of Hero's Mockumentary Roommate Darryl

In a clip debuted at San Diego Comic-Con in July before receiving a wider release on Facebook, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi revealed what Marvel’s Norse God of Thunder had been doing since helping save the world from evil sentient robots in Avengers: Age of Ultron — primarily, hanging out at the office of his new roommate Darryl, an average guy who seemed to find his superhuman buddy a bit overbearing. It was a short, funny mockumentary that suggested Waititi could be bringing some off-the-wall levity to his Marvel installment. Now, in a new interview, he hints we may not have seen the last of Thor’s BFF.

Speaking to IGN for the home video release of his fantastic Hunt for the Wilderpeople, the New Zealand-born director admitted that Darryl may reappear in a future Thor adventure.

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“I think you probably could see him again. There may be other little pieces of that thing that everyone saw that may just be a small part of a bigger thing.”

Whether he meant to or not, Waititi’s comment raises more questions than answers: Will Darryl show up in Thor: Ragnarok? Is the previous Thor-Darryl short an official part of the MCU? And could a future Thor film simply focus on Chris Hemsworth’s hero hanging out at home with Darryl à la Waititi’s 2014 faux-reality-show comedy What We Do in the Shadows, about a group of vampires living together in a single house?

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While pondering those burning Marvel-related questions, watch the clip that started this all above.

Taika Waititi’s ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’: Meet a couple of great outdoorsmen: