Thomas Ravenel Apologizes to Olivia Flowers After Claiming She Used Him to Get on ‘Southern Charm’

Thomas Ravenel Apologizes to Olivia Flowers for Accusing Her of Using Him to Get on Southern Charm
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Thomas Ravenel is taking accountability for his actions after he accused Olivia Flowers for hooking up with him to get on Southern Charm.

“I’d like to make a statement about my interview concerning Olivia Flowers. I was not trying to hurt her,” Thomas, 61, wrote via X on Friday, January 19. “I was mostly trying to get the facts straight which proved she didn’t betray her friendship with Kathryn Dennis.”

Thomas explained that once he thought the interview was over, he “stupidly made what I thought was a self-deprecating remark that ‘MAYBE she used me.’” He claimed he had “no idea” the comment would “be the story,” and shared his regret for making the remark.

“ I sincerely apologize to her,” he continued. “I have the utmost respect for her as a person and a friend. It was a stupid throwaway line and I regret it.”

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During part one of the Southern Charm reunion last week, Taylor Ann Green exposed Olivia’s one-time fling with Thomas, who was fired from Bravo following sexual assault allegations in 2018.

“I was fresh out of college, 20 years old.. Dumb,” Olivia shared at the time. “[It was a] drunken night. One time. I had a hookup with T-Rav. I wanted to take it to my grave, like, who wouldn’t?”

Taylor’s attempt to bring up the drama came after admitting that she hooked up with Olivia’s ex-boyfriend Austin Kroll and lied about it. Taylor, 29, then tried to claim that Olivia’s hookup was in the same realm as Thomas, who previously dated former Southern Charm star — and Olivia’s friend — Kathryn Dennis. (Kathryn and Thomas split in 2016 and share two kids together: Kensie, 9, and Saint, 8.)

However, Olivia alleged that her and Kathryn, 32, didn’t meet each other until after she slept with Thomas.”

One day after the reunion aired, Thomas gave some insight into his and Olivia’s hookup.

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“I was in Atlanta the weekend of January 14, 2017 for my nephew’s wedding,” he said in an interview with All About the Tea on January 12. “Olivia was living in Atlanta at the time pursuing her acting career. She was 24 years old (at the time) NOT 20, like she claimed on the reunion. I will say, she conducted herself as a classy lady that night. I would have never acknowledged having sex with her until they brought me up at the reunion.”

Thomas went on to say that he reached out to Olvia when he was already separated from Kathryn and asked her out and eventually “one thing led to another” after she invited him to her condo.,

“After that night, I never called her again. It was a one time deal,” he shared with the blog, before adding that Olivia may have used him. “Olivia was in Atlanta pursuing an acting career and she wanted to get on that show [Southern Charm], that’s why she befriended me.”

Thomas went on to share that Olivia and him were still friends and he even “gave a moving speech at her brother’s funeral.”

“I have never been disrespectful to her, so I don’t know why she felt the need to be rude,” he said. “That was a low blow and uncalled for. I wish they would stop using me to drive ratings up.”